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Anxiety that does not matter, stuff that does matter

Had an unusual thing happen today. I had a panic attack. Now, some of you are confused, but let me explain.

I had a panic attack and it did not matter. Calling it a panic attack is an overstatement in every sense of the word. It was an anxiety spike.

What did I do to said spike? I broke it. I silenced it. It is properly dead and buried. I’m laying down for the night and I’m listening to Dio’s Rainbow in the dark. I have to agree with the song. My demons are gone. They do not trouble me anymore.

Now, my rant.

I thought after what happened in Florida, I would be a wreck, but I’m not. Not trying to lessen what happened in Florida, but I feel good about this reaction.

Simply put, I was a person, in my teen’s, that was sympathic towards the shooter. I am in no way shape or form like that now, but my teen’s were a dark time for me.

I condemn what happend, but I am also realistic that nothing more can be done by me. I registered to vote for my new address and I am, unfortunately, resigned to the fact that it will happen again. I hate that more will die.

After inaction after Sandy Hook though, nothing will change. Nothing.

I hate politics, but I have decided to become a lot more active politically. I want to see the change that my generation can bring in.

It is not just a gun issue, same for mental health. It’s a moral issue. (I have to credit a writer for the Snapper for letting me edit an article of his for this perspective.)

America is sick and it needs to change. Not just one law banning bump stocks or something of that nature. We need reform. We need to take our country back. We need to break the stigma that our generation, the millennials, are useless, entitled, crybabie. Dammit, 17 people are dead. They are not coming back and that pisses me off.

Nazis, white supremacists, alt-right, and many other fringe groups have a choke hold on our country and I’m sick of it. I hate that a massacre had to happen to wake me up and get me angry.

I swear, things will change in this country. It’s about survival now and we need to get our heads back in the game. Stop being entitled. Stop acting like your better for whatever stupid reason you have. White people are not the best, neither are blacks, Latinos, Asian, gay, bisexual, what have you. We are all human and we need to come together and not hate each other.

Thanks for reading.

Why Do People feel insulting others is helpful?

I hear stories all the time that people are insulted by others. Some say it’s just the “real world,” but I cannot accept that. I cannot and will no longer accept that people are cruel. I believe that we as a people are a sadistic race. We crave blood, guts, and feel pleasure from others suffering. You could say, “I am not like that! I would never!” 

Your lying. America, no, the whole world is lying to itself and I have had enough. I do not care what defines you as a person, you have the right to be that person. Gay, black, female, person with a disability, anything, it does not matter. It shouldn’t matter. 

Yet, here we are, and it does matter. I have no comprehension why. Why do humans have to be superior? I don’t get that at all. “I’m white, over 21, yada yada.” It seems wrong to me that everyone has privilege now a days. White people in America seem to be the worse, but seeing that the only country I have ever been to outside of America is Canada, I have no right to include people from Europe in that statement. Or people from all across the world in fact. 

I am exercising my privilege just by writing what I just wrote. 

It sickens me. I am angry that humans are like this. Why are we like this? Not just white people either. Everyone seems like this. 

I am looking for answers to a question that cannot be answered. That is because no one is willing to accept the blame on this one. I won’t even accept the blame. I think I am helping by writing this, but this will upset someone and I gain pleasure from that. Even if the pleasure is unintentional. I am venting right now and it will backfire on someone. I apologize to that person or persons.

I am just so fed up with humans. I am fed up with cruelty and hate. I can’t do anything by myself and I can’t expect everyone to suddenly agree with me and try to help. No one agreed 100% ever.

I will close by asking for transparency by all. We as a race need ir.