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I, Dormammu, will burn this schoolwork to cinders.



Today for class we had to redo the Visual Hiearchy project. With some new insights on design I think I did a lot better job with it. Here is the first one again:


Not much changed here. Just used a font called renograe that I got from Dafont.

Here is part 2:


Just was able to change the widths in this one. So I basically used bold on the Kimmel Center Inc. part because it was the most important piece.

Part 3:


I was able to change the sizes here. Everything that was important was made bigger and the not so important stuff got made smaller. I kept the bold on the Kimmel Center Inc. part. Made the stroke width on the part underneath a little more intense too.

Part 4:


Leading, kerning and tracking were the big differences here.  I thought that expanding the Kimmel Center Inc. gave that part more depth.

Final Part 5:


A lot got changed here towards the top. I really like the centered feeling I get with the stuff underneath, but I wanted to make Kimmel Center Inc. really pop. So I used a type path and made a balloon looking shape and typed the Kimmel Center Inc there. I tried to figure out some stuff for the Dance, Jazz, and Ballet parts, but alas, I couldn’t. I wanted to make it meld with the balloon shape, but I couldn’t get it done. I am still learning so it will only be a matter of time until I master illustrator like I did with In Design. Adobe better watch out!

Adobe Scared.jpg

Schoolwork! Again!? Doom was mad, but I Mr. Sinister will do something about it!



For today’s project we had to do something called a visual hierarchy. We had to use set words so I didn’t get to do any really cool Star Wars stuff, but I think what I did is a pretty good representation of what the hierarchy is. Here part one:


Nothing special, just the text that we have to change up eventually.

Here is part 2:


This one is just changing the weight of the font. Essentially, I made the font bold.

Here is part 3:



I got to play with the size of the text and the weight. This one seems boring to me personally, what do you guys think?

Here is part 4:


Another boring one, but weight, text size, and leading and tracking were allowed for this one. The next one is much better.

Number 5:


I had complete freedom on this one. I changed quite a few things and I think I made it pop pretty well. What do you guys think I should do to make it look better? Any feedback is appreciated.

Look out for more school stuff soon and the Depression piece ends tomorrow with, “How to maintain a healthy emotional life post depression.” Hope to see you guys looking at it. It’s important stuff.

Who is this Nick guy? Maybe this document will help us figure it out…

Nick Banner


Well, that is a lot of stuff to process isn’t it? This was another project for my typography class. We had to make a banner that had an 1800s flair font wise. What do you guys think? I couldn’t make Star Wars into anything but the intended font of the 1970s though; I hope you will all forgive me. That’s all for today. Maybe I will start adding more classes once I get back Sunday? What would you guys think?

First Post! Wait, school stuff!? Doom does not approve!

Hey everyone! First blog! Exciting, huh? Anyway I wanted to update you guys on a project I am working on for my Typography class this semester. I added the class a week after classes started, and so I am a little behind. The project is to take a word and, you know what? I can explain this better by just showing you.

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