I found my rebel base

Some of you may have noticed on my homepage I have the quote, “Where is the Rebel Base?” This was mainly for comedic purposes and to highlight that I love Star Wars, but I believe that I have actually found the rebel base for myself.

It is coincidental that my base is also a group that starts their name with Rebel. That group being Rebel Cause Lancaster which is based in Lancaster, PA. Rebel Cause is a charity group that fights homelessness in Lancaster. I am honored to be considered a part if this group. Kaden, or as I named him in our messenger chat, Rouge Leader, is the founder of Rebel Cause and I credit him greatly for connecting me to a cause that means something. If not for him, I would not have a place to share my love of Star Wars.

Besides sharing a love of Star Wars, Rebel Cause also shares a love of family and that is what I believe Rebel Cause is. We are a family of people who has been through a lot individually, but find strength in our friends through Star Wars.

The last event that Rebel Cause hosted, shoutout to Tellus 360 for letting us do it there, was a Celebration of Star Wars. The date of the event coincided with the Star Wars celebration event, which was taking place in Chicago this year. Rebel Cause held a giant raffle for all kinds of awesome prizes and we raised a lot of money to help the needy in Lancaster.

I was at this event and I broke through a barrier I never thought I could and I have doubts on my ability to do it again honestly, but I walked up on a stage in front of 50 or so people and talked about the topic that was being discussed during a live podcast. This was about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and I talked liked I was meant for the stage. At least that is what I was told.

If this is your first time reading my blog it is pertinent to know that I have autism. My autism is never really an issue unless I am in crowds or in front of others, but that is what made this moment so big for me. I did not care about the crowd or the noise. I cared about Star Wars. This event is, essentially, a catalyst for me. It proved to me that I can talk to others without fear or doubt.

I have long been terrified of crowds, but my love of Star Wars broke that for me. There have been other times, of course, like metal concerts, but I did not talk at those. I talked at this event and I made people think of this event. At least I would like to think so. For everyone at the event, thank you for being there, it means the world to me.

Lastly, thank you, Kaden, for helping me break the final fragments of my shell that have been clinging to me for years. As the Sith always say, “Through Victory, my chains are broken.”

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