No rule is absolute and there will always be exceptions

Hey guys, it has been a while and I apologize for that. The final stretch of this last month of college was not easy for me. Not in the sense of the class and internship, but in the sense of finances on my end. I am not financially literate. This is, sadly, a gross understatement.

That is not what I want to talk about though, what I want to talk about is choice and how choices are relative to the choice being made. For example, the choice to not vaccinate a child due to fears about vaccine injuries and possible contraction of autism is flawed. On the flip side of that is that these fears were created out of a failure to listen to Doctors who insist on getting children vaccinated. The choice to not vaccinate is dangerous and detrimental to the kids that are unvaccinated. Herd immunity is a proven concept that more people need to understand.

With the current government, headed by frankly an idiot, there will be little headway on this issue. So, while I am on our president, I want to look at another issue plaguing the country regarding choice. The pro-life versus pro-choice debate is raging across the country right now. What I feel on the concept is that it is a woman’s choice on whether or not to get an abortion.

What I found startling about this is that my stance of pro-choice for abortion and pro-vaxx for the vaccines is contrary to each other. I fully support a woman’s decision to have an abortion because that is their choice. I, apparently, do not support a parents decision to deny vaccines. I thought long and hard about this and I have come to this conclusion.

I can have both opinions.

I know they seem contrary to each other, but what I understand is that both opinions support a person and a groups well-being. Abortions can protect mothers and vaccinations protect, for the most part, people from getting preventable diseases. The reason I am giving them a little leeway is that nothing is black and white.

These are my thoughts on these two issues and the concept of choice. I support choice when it is to the benefit not to the harm of someone.

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