Social Cues, wait, what?

I realize that having autism is both a blessing and a curse; a double-edged sword if you will. On one hand, my skills at memorization are fantastic, on the other, I am horrible at the mathematics of any kind. Also, on the other hand, I do not understand social cues whatsoever.

Social cues are images that I simply do not see. If I do happen to see one, it is usually misinterpreted on my end and I feel like I screwed up somehow. I rarely see them, or at least, that is how I use to be. I see them on a more frequent basis now, but where I struggle at this juncture is interpreting what I see.

An example of this back before I saw social cues was when I would talk about Star Wars. I talked non-stop about Star Wars if someone showed any interest in it at all. Nowadays, I tend to talk about Star Wars a lot still, but I like to think that I have learned to see when someone wants to talk about something else. I try to switch the subject or let them take over the line that talking is taking.

I know that I am not good at interpretation still. Screwing up social cues is now becoming a daily occurrence. What is giving me hope on the issue is that I now recognize that I am bad at looking at social cues. That means that I can practice and get better. That is my hope at least.

In recent memory, I have had more instances of recognizing social cues than ever before. With that comes the fact that the number of social cues that I do not get also has gone up. The flip-side of that is that I am interacting more often than before. Which I believe to be a good thing and I am going to try to continue the trend.

Practice will be the best medicine for this. I stop myself from calling this an ailment. The reason for this is because I do not view autism as an ailment, but as a challenge that I need to overcome.

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