Looks like I am dropping a class

Well, that BIO test I took sucked, grade-wise at least. I got a 56 percent. I studied a lot for this one too. I got tutors, walk in tutoring and all kinds of other things.

What I think is the cause of this is not only my incompetence in science, but the size of the class. 64 people are in the class and we congregate in a huge lecture hall. I get terrified just thinking about all of those people.

I am currently failing BIO, and it saddened me that I will have to drop the course. I am burning $600 because of this. It’s very frustrating.

Hopefully next semester gets better. I am taking three courses. They are Fundamentals of Journalism, Computer Assisted Journalism and Human Sexuality. I know that the writing will he intensive and I do not mind at all.

Writing is just something I am naturally good at. This is what I have been told at least.

I dread the semester that I have to take math and BIO, it truly terrifies me. I may take an online BIO course over the summer. I want to get it done.

Thanks for reading!

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