Just not the best day to be a introvert/ extrovert

I am able to talk about myself. Rather easily to be quite honest. Today, I did not really want to, but I did anyway. The reason that I did this is because I want to advocate for those with autism and all disabilities. Being autistic makes that hard sometimes.

It was about my income situation. I do not have a job, and I have never had a job before. Having autism makes me eligible for federal disability though. I told a person that I had a conversation with how much I make a month. Which, to say the least, is not much at all.

At first I was not fazed by the conversation at all, but the more I think about it the more I think that that kind of information should be on a need to know basis. If I go around telling people that I make very little and give them an exact number, I could be exploited. I do not want that to be the case.

Telling people that I am disabled and have autism is fine, but there are some things that only I should know. With that being said, the conversation I had was a good experience, but it gave me pause to think. This thought extends to my habit of telling people that I have autism. I tell just about everyone I know that I have autism. It needs to be seen as something that is abnormal, but in a good way.

I was told in another conversation that I had with a different person that I should not bring it up in certain situations. Those situations being job interviews or other professional setting conversations. That threw me off. I have no shame in being autistic and I never felt there was a wrong time to share it. This conversation is making me fundamentally question myself.

To be honest, I love this question. I love it because it is forcing me to think critically and ahead of the curve. This topic has re-energized my mental energy when it comes to conversations. I am sure that friends of mine have noticed that I have been talking a lot more often. That I am more open to people I do not know. Extrovert is too strong of a word, but I want to say I have, in some ways, shedded some traits of autism.

These traits, to my own observation, include the way I talk to people. I have noticed that I look people in the eye and I think I sometimes make people uncomfortable with that. I have a focus and clarity to my words and I use it effectively. Thinking before I speak happens quickly now. I always have a reason to talk if I am talking. Sometimes, this reason is to talk for the sake of talking or to get shock factor.

That last one probably surprised some of you. I am surprised by it too, but it seems that I find dark humor to be the best humor. It seems odd, it really does. I use dark humor in a innocent way and I find it hilarious when I use it and surprise people. Having a soft voice makes some of what I say even more shocking.

I want to discuss the dark humor aspect some more in a later post, but I would like to hear from you guys on when you think it is appropriate to divulge that you have a disability? In the interview, after your hired, or never? Thank you so much for reading!

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