Empathy replaced? Innocence is missed.

I have noticed a shift in myself, and it is one that I do not like. I have become less emphatic with other people’s situations. That is not to say that I have lost it completely, but it is something I want to put a stop to right now.

This shift is due, I think, to my ever increasing interest in politics. I do not want to talk politics, but it seems I am getting good at it. What bothers me about this is that I am now perceiving the opposing viewpoint of an issue as an enemy. I do not like that at all. Is this cynical viewpoint a bad thing? In my opinion, yes, yes it is. I believe in people, at my core, and I want everyone to have a fair chance.

Does this mean I go away from what I have become interested in? That being politics and the consequences of political maneuvering. Maybe, maybe not, but what is certain is that politics have had a semi-good, semi-bad effect on me. On the one hand, I have gotten better at critical thinking and looking at both sides of an issue. On the other hand, like I mentioned before, I perceive the other viewpoint as a enemy.

I miss the innocence of writing. While I still greatly enjoy writing, I have become less creative with it. Sort of in a creative void. What I want to happen is for me to start writing books again. 450 pages of one book is done and I never did anything with it. I feel no need to do anything with it either. It can just stay on the hard drive. It is a good story, but one that I think needs reworked.

I say all of that with a heavy heart too. The SouLess project is something that I have been working on for almost a decade now. SouLess is something I want to see published. This political stupidity is getting in the way though. I want a return to form to come to happen to me, but at the same time I want to stay this way.

This is the most concerning thing about it. I want to stay less emphatic with others. That is not how it should be. I want to understand other viewpoints and discuss it civilly. How can that be achieved when I view an opposing viewpoint as a enemy viewpoint? The only thing I can think of is to reevaluate my viewpoints and create a stance for each of them.

By doing this I think that I can reset and I can become more emphatic. I want to be someone with a big picture viewpoint. If I cannot have that, I will have to settle for less, even though I am uncomfortable with it.

What do you guys think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Especially from others on the spectrum. Have any of you had your political identity compromised or fundamentally changed? Thanks for reading!

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