College, week one of being back

I am back at Millersville University as of last Saturday. Which would have been August, 26th. So far, I am doing well. Becoming acclimated to everything has proven to be easy for me this time around. I think this is due in part to a familiarity that I have with the system now.

I have not had any serious panic attacks at all, I am proud to report. Two anxiety spikes that I took care of instantly. I have had more instances of anxiety than just two, to be clear, but I am happy with my progress so far this semester.

College, for me, has become what is natural. What I mean by this is that I have become good at going to college. I know when and how to do most things that are required of me on campus. Accepting more responsibility seemed to be the next logical step. Which is exactly what I did at the end of the last spring semester.

I am now the Vice President of the Magic the Gathering club. Magic the Gathering is a card game created by Wizards of the coast, and while I may not be amazing at the game, it is something that I enjoy a lot. It feels good to know that people feel that I would be a good vice president, even though I ran unopposed when I ran. I took that as a vote of confidence from my peers.

I am doing a lot of things that I am, admittedly, uncomfortable doing. I go on semi-long walks now. That is because the time is now for me to start caring about my body. I weigh around 450 pounds and it is something that I have to get under control. I will be keeping you guys updated on my progress.

Other things that I am doing at college is something new for the college. It is their Millersville University traineeship program. It is similar to an internship, but you also do workshops and skills assessment with the University.

I am reprising my role as Opinion editor at the school newspaper, The Snapper, and I am looking forward to working on that again. My classes are both in the afternoon, so I am not too  worried about staying up later to get it to look fantastic.

College, I believe, is what you make it and I am using this opportunity to better myself. I know that I could get hired right now for some job, but I will continue to work at being at school. That needs to be my focus. I will be a freelance writer soon, and I plan on finishing my book soon as well. More on that later though, thank you so much for reading!

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