End of College Semester

I am not in college for five days. I start back up on May 15th. I am looking forward to my class very much. It’s digital media theory, which if you think about it is exactly what I am doing right now. This is digital media. I am going to learn how to talk to you guys better I hope. 

That’s five days from now though. What I want to revel in is that I have been successful in finishing this semester. I have had a lot of ups and downs. That is not an understatement at all either. I have been so close to the edge this semester. I almost fell off too. I was very close to saying I needed crisis prevention. This is not a bad thing though, don’t get me wrong. Asking for help is not a bad thing at all. 

I almost dropped out completely. I finished the semester with one class left. I withdrew from Typography II and Math. I had to medically withdraw from Math. This was due entirely to all the stress that it was causing. It was a tough time. I just do not get math. 

I went to New York City though and got through that. It was terrifying, but I had a lot of fun. I had a great group that I went with. It was a conference for student newspapers. It was awesome and very informative, but like I said, terrifying. 

I raised autism awareness in the month of April too. I got my School to light it up blue. Which was great. I learned a lot about Asperger’s and autism this year too. I still am going to differentiate the two. I think all forms of autism should be looked at closer, but that rant is for another post. 

I learned my political and moral identity this year. It was a huge step in my quest to define myself. Which does not include autism I found out. It is just something that I live with. It is just something that I have to get through everyday. 

I started blogging in earnest this year too. I have become invested in this blog and I am proud of myself for being able to open up to so many people. I know my story can help and I want to continue to help others.

I think that, all in all, this semester had been very successful. I am looking forward to the summer though. My internship and classes await!

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