People first Language and it’s its importance to me

Some of you might have noticed a change to the site. If you have not, that is perfectly alright. The change is in the title. Whereas, the site was originally called,”The Trials and Tribulations of an Autistic Man,” it is now, “The Trials and Tribulations of a Man with Autism.”

The change may seem trivial, but I challenge my readers to think about why the change was necessary.

It showed that I was stigmatizing myself. Just by putting the disability first in a sentence. In reality the syntax of the sentence is every bit as important as the meaning of a sentence. Autism does not define me, it is merely something I live with. This is important to all people with disabilities, or it should be. We as a people need to advocate for ourselves. If we cannot, how can we expect others to do it for us, and for those who cannot physically, I am sure would say or feel the same way. Humans are all on a equal playing field. Stigmas are just a way to divide and we as humans need to break the stigmas put against us.

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