To go to class, or not, being afraid to succeed

I did not go to class today. I was too afraid to go. Instead I played cards. I felt that I physically could not go. I was absolutley terrified. I don’t know why. It has caused me a lot of anxiety throughout the day. I wish I knew why I did this to myself. I know I can do better than this. I need to go to class because I am already behind in Typography. I am terrified to go back to class after spring break. I need some help to motivate myself past my fear of going to class. I really do. I need to incorporate some plan to save myself at this point. I need your guys help. I am going to New York for a conference for the Newspaper, and I hope to try to relax during the conference. Try to laugh a little, but I am terrified of what will happen if I have a panic attack, no, when I have a panic attack in New York. I need to really try to relax and be transparent to my peers at the Snapper, the Newspaper. I am in a safe place right now. I have calmed down and I am going to talk to my editor in cheif and let them know my concerns. I will try to have the best time that I can. Hopefully I do.

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