Why Do People feel insulting others is helpful?

I hear stories all the time that people are insulted by others. Some say it’s just the “real world,” but I cannot accept that. I cannot and will no longer accept that people are cruel. I believe that we as a people are a sadistic race. We crave blood, guts, and feel pleasure from others suffering. You could say, “I am not like that! I would never!” 

Your lying. America, no, the whole world is lying to itself and I have had enough. I do not care what defines you as a person, you have the right to be that person. Gay, black, female, person with a disability, anything, it does not matter. It shouldn’t matter. 

Yet, here we are, and it does matter. I have no comprehension why. Why do humans have to be superior? I don’t get that at all. “I’m white, over 21, yada yada.” It seems wrong to me that everyone has privilege now a days. White people in America seem to be the worse, but seeing that the only country I have ever been to outside of America is Canada, I have no right to include people from Europe in that statement. Or people from all across the world in fact. 

I am exercising my privilege just by writing what I just wrote. 

It sickens me. I am angry that humans are like this. Why are we like this? Not just white people either. Everyone seems like this. 

I am looking for answers to a question that cannot be answered. That is because no one is willing to accept the blame on this one. I won’t even accept the blame. I think I am helping by writing this, but this will upset someone and I gain pleasure from that. Even if the pleasure is unintentional. I am venting right now and it will backfire on someone. I apologize to that person or persons.

I am just so fed up with humans. I am fed up with cruelty and hate. I can’t do anything by myself and I can’t expect everyone to suddenly agree with me and try to help. No one agreed 100% ever.

I will close by asking for transparency by all. We as a race need ir.

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