In this excerpt, my mind was completely blown away. Thrawn is the character I remember him as from the Heir to Empire Trilogy. Except this time, he is a Disney canon character. This makes me practically jump for joy, to use horribly cliche lines, but I do not even mind using cliche lines for this.

The original Thrawn was cunning, tactical, and just all around military genius. Just from this excerpt, I would say the same thing can be applied. From this point on, I am going to assume that you have read the excerpt, so I will be spoiling it.









Thrawn knows who Darth Vader is. Not just as Vader, but as Anakin Skywalker. This is the only conclusion that I can come to after reading. I think that even though this is an origin book, Thrawn has already done his research on the Empire before deciding to join it. Knowing Thrawn from the older books and the fact that Timothy Zahn is the author further fuels this theory. I think that Zahn wants Thrawn to be as close to the original as possible. I am not upset by this at all.

What they have done with Thrawn in the Rebels TV show is amazing, but while watching, I always want to know specifically why Thrawn is there. I am looking forward to this book almost as much as Episode VIII. Which is quite a feat for me. I own all the other Star Wars books, both old and new canon, but I can honestly say I have never been this excited for a book. I am very interested to see what direction Zahn takes the book in. This is only a small except from chapter two.

I look forward to providing you guys with a review when the book comes out in April.

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