Oh man, Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing.

It has been two days since Horizon Zero Dawn’s release and I am just now able to play it. My internet speeds at Millersville University are abysmal.

Anyways, I have been playing for about an hour and I have to say it. This game is phenomenal. Its gorgeous and I love just about everything about it. Stay tuned to this post. I am probably going to review as I go.

After giving the game about eight hours I still have not grasped how beautiful this game is. I wish I had a PS4 Pro and 4K TV just so I could experience it.

Besides the looks, the game is really fun. The combat feels realistic and fluid and I never have a hard time believing that my arrows should go that far. The sling is annoying though. I am trying to get past the tutorial aspect of the sling, for the experience points, and I never get it. It is a challenge that I am enjoying.

As far as story goes, it seems self-explanatory once you get past a certain cut scene. I don’t want to give it away though, so that is as much as I will talk about that. The flow of the story is nice and the side quests I get caught up in are fun, if not a little monotonous.


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