Autism and Empath? Do they go together Maybe, maybe not.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of ups and even more downs. The balance of power between the two is leaning towards that of the negative as of late. I am working hard to change that right now and I have been taking steps to change it. Sometimes it works, sometimes its does not. Either way I am struggling with my self worth.

As a result of this I made a Facebook post that read as follows:

I find that, lately at least, my depression is becoming overwhelming. In an attempt to boost my own self confidence, and perhaps bring forth fond memories, I am asking all my friends to let me know why they think I am a worthwhile person. I want to know what everyone else finds in me that I cannot. Thank you to those who comment. It really means a lot.


The response that I got was overwhelming and I am thankful to all the people who commented. It did a lot to help me. It helped me get out of the slump that day. In the comments that I received I was called an Empath. At first I took the compliment and thought it was a nice thing to say. Then I started to think about it. What is an empath? Why would I be called one?

It was a problem that I felt I needed to figure out. So I started to investigate. I found out that an empath is someone who is able to discern other people’s feelings.When I discovered this definition I was shocked to say the least. I have been living my life with the thought that being autistic meant that I could not understand others emotions that I was not able to understand body language at all.

My friends told me different. I am very thankful that they did. The reason for this is because I was forced to re-examine how I looked at myself and through that process I reinvented my own beliefs of myself.

I feel like I am meant to help people. I want to start that process now. I want to formally say that I want to help and that I will do what I can to help you all. I can help by being a wannabe listener. I think that is the best thing that I can do so please come to me for help. Any kind. Thank you.

One thought on “Autism and Empath? Do they go together Maybe, maybe not.”

  1. I’ll tell you why I think you’re a worthwhile person ❤ My dear friend, I haven't known you very long, and I may not know you well, but from the first words I read on your blog, I knew that you're an intelligent and kind human being. I see your desire to help others. I see your desire to share. I read your thoughts and identify with them so much. I feel a kinship with you, even if I haven't spoken up much until now 🙂 I want you to know that you matter. You count. Your voice is heard, and it's valued. It's important and valid. You never know whose life you're going to change, or to whom you'll bring an "a-ha!" moment. Keep going; I'll walk with you ❤

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