My head at mach 10

Today I woke up and my head was spinning. Not in the sense that I was dizzy, but in the sense that I was not coherent enough to function properly. I sat up and stayed that way for about a half an hour. I was able to get up and start my routine afterwards, but throughout the day I had racing thoughts that still have not stopped. It is concerning to say the least. I am sitting outside on my family’s porch trying to anchor myself. I am happy to say it is working as I type this. It is concerning though that I have been like this all day. 

I want to examine why I have racing thoughts, but I am no expert by any stretch of the means. I think the root is anxiety and I think that this is just another form of anxiety. It may not be, but that is what it feels like. I am a worrier and I think about things all the time I have no control ovèr and try to think of ways to help. It doesn’t help me and it certainly does not help whoever I am thinking about. 

I am happy to say just writing this helped and that this blog is helping me tremendously. I am grateful to those of you that read it and I invite you to let other people know about it. 

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