I had a good day?

Tonight’s post is about how I seem to want to have problems. This sounds odd, and I admit, it is hard to accept. Looking at the past few years and doing some logical analysis of it all, I have come to this conclusion. I need to have something the matter. It doesn’t matter what, but it has to be something.

This self sabotage needs to stop, and I plan on working on ways to counter my subconscious. 

I believe, preliminary thoughts here, that I look for issues to have. If everything is going well and I am happy I think that I need to find a problem to have. Without going too personal I have had situations where I fixate on creating a problem that does not exist. The more singular it is to me, the better. 

I just thought this, but I think I have become addicted to problem solving when it comes to mental health. I need more time to digest this

 What do you guys think? Could it be possible? What could be causing it all? And why?
Thanks for reading!

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