Convincing Myself that language does not have a hidden Agenda?

Fortunately, the thought died pretty quickly. I never like thinking that a thought needs to die, but sometimes they just need to leave your own mind so you can be healthy. Thoughts and words have attachments to them. A subtext that can be good or bad. What can they do though?

Saying the word ‘Radical’ for example, it has multiple subtexts for many people. Some people automatically go to politics or religion for this one.

“A radical way of thinking,” may be what the subtext is. Have we ever thought, truly thought, that subtext can hurt someone, or a group of people? It seems like that is not the case in today’s society.

I have heard many times, “You need thicker skin,” and I always feel like that the statement misses the point. I understand the counterpoint to what I am about to say so there is no need to start shouting that I am a liberal soft fool, but let me raise a counter point to your counter point. Why insult someone in the first place? What does it get you? Do you get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you made someone feel like their line of thought does not matter?

I will admit, my line of thinking comes directly from personal experience and how I feel others should treat me. Sufficient to say, I am not treated the way I would want to be treated at all. Common courtesy seems to be all but dead in the inner parts of my circle. Demands, accusations, even blatant insults seem to follow me. It is a misuse of power for the people that I care about.

I will also admit, I probably need to grow a little backbone, but I feel that I should not have to. I am a productive member of society and I feel that I have a lot to offer. I am in College right now studying to be a journalist. A profession that needs to regain the trust of the public, I might add. I also have a lot on my resume that I am proud of. Not just because of the space it fills, but because of the accomplishments that I have attained were obtained while with various organizations. What do I have to be ashamed of? I am trying to better myself and being put down because I do not have a job seems very counter productive to me.

I realize reading over this that I am venting, and I do apologize that I am doing that. I meant to have a serious conversation about subtext. It is just that I am so close to the subject that I get a little emotional concerning it.

With the subtext of words there is a way of speaking that embodies the bad parts of all of that. Sarcasm. I understand that sarcasm is a tool that people use to try to be funny or to get a point across, but I also think there are downsides to using it. For one, I do not understand it and I am sure there are others who do not understand it either. It is very frustrating when someone says something and I think they are being serious, but they are not at all. What really gets to me is the callousness that some people who employ it have. It seems almost second nature.

I have been told that I am too blunt, but I truly feel that bluntness is what the world needs. Not a uninformed way of saying something. I think that sarcasm wastes time and it does not add to a conversation at all.

I feel like I have wasted enough of your time, but please let me know what you think. It helps me out a lot.



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