Asperger’s Syndrome: A Star Wars Obsession  

I think it is about time to reveal how much Star Wars has really helped me. I know I have mentioned it a few times, but it really should have it’s own post. 

I will start with one word regarding Star Wars. Memory. When it comes to Star Wars I forget hardly anything. I am proud to say that I have memorized the dialogue of all seven movies that are available. Rogue One is next! 

I also own just about every novel that was written about Star Wars. Both EU and DU. I love them all. 

I would like to take a moment to tell you all my favorite book, or should I say books? Regardless, it is the Thrawn Trilogy written by Timonthy Zahn in the 90s. 

Anyway, back to its helpfulness. When I was in a mental institution I was allowed to bring in my books. Naturally, I picked Star Wars. I remember quite vividly the moment that I broke through my depression. I was really Star Wars Bloodline and as I was reading I had an epiphany.

This epiphany  encompasses everything that I needed to know on how to attain happiness. 

With that knowledge, Star Wars book in hand, I talked to one of the staff members about it and I was asked the question, “How did you come up with that? It baffles me.”

I said,”Boba Fett taught me how. How to compartmentalize my emotions. How to process everything I deal with in a healthy logical way.”

With that knowledge I got out three days later. I had relapses, that is definitely true, but with my obbsession with Star Wars I always eventually remembered what Boba Fett taught me.

Thanks for reading!

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