My Cat and I


The link above will take you to a picture of my cat, Fatty. Well, his name is actually Tigger, but I think my family and I have only ever called him that three or four times. The name never stuck, but apparently food stuck with Fatty. Hence his name. He weighs around 20 pounds and he is one of the most lovable puddles of kitty you have ever seen. (Thanks to my Aunt Rose for coming up with that one!) He has never scratched or bit anyone and he will fall in love with everyone.

The reason I am even bringing up my cat is to say that he has helped me a lot these past couple months. To a degree that I did not know that cats could. He seems to sense when I am sad and he will come to me and let me pet him. It is therapeutic for me. He doesn’t even need to be petted though. Just his presence is enough some times. He seems so calm all of the time and he never has a bad vibe to him.

When I was at school I legitimately missed having Fatty around and I missed petting him tremendously. Every time I went home to visit he would lay on my lap and purr for hours if he could. I am lucky to have such a devoted cat and if Fatty could talk I think he would say the same for me. I love that cat and he loves me. Maybe, he is a cat after all and I might just be a guy to pet him for him. Regardless he is there and that is all that matters.

Sorry if the post seems trite, but I think all animals that are pets are therapeutic and I wanted you guys to see my therapy cat, Fatty.

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