A Month’s Absence 

Sorry about not posting for a month. Finals are a big time consumer. I am now at home from Millersville and that home is a new one. My family moved as I was going to school. I like it here just fine, but I miss the freedom that I had at Millersville. Regarding school, I did not do as well as I hoped. I feel like I should have put more effort into it,  but hindsight always gets me it seems.

This post is more about what I hoped to do with this site in the future. I am sure many of you who read this know I am a Star Wars fan and I would like to focus on that for a little. Mental health will always be important to me and I will continue to post about it, but it gets depressing. So, I am going to nerd out, if you will, and talk Star Wars. I will also cover video games, comics, and other assorted things. I may even so some professional stuff on here. 

I did not forget about this and believe me, I am no where near done!

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