I must focus! How I got through this day unscathed!

Today was tough and brutal on me. Brutal is a good thing though for me though, so, why was it tough? Exacto-knives are why. I used one today successfully! Uncut and panicky, I made it through cutting my book out for my typography class. My heart was beating and I was shaky really hard at the end, but my focus was, excuse the pun, razor sharp. I was not shaking as I used the blade itself. Which is really good if you think about it!

I think it should be mentioned that my Professor is the All-Star in this scenario, by the way. Professor Mata has been very understanding of my needs and I am eternally grateful

Here is the picture of the finished product for the cutting phase.


Sorry for the bad quality, my phone camera is not the greatest, but I think that I did a pretty good job. Like I said I was shaking for about ten minutes after the fact so it is clear that I still have issues holding sharp blades, but that will be talked about another time in another post. I don’t know how I feel with being open about my past on here. It probably doesn’t matter, but I have to get through this semester before I think about that.

Hopefully I can post more over the long weekend. I am really behind on the mental health stuff, but I can and will catch up!

Thanks for reading!

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