The Monologue got turned into a Book! Not a book that will eat your face though!

My monologue that I chose has been adapted into a book of my creation! The book physically looks terrible, but I am of the mindset that shaky hands and craftsmanship do not go together all that well. I will now show you a picture of shaky hand worksmanship:



If I made books, I would take this picture as an insult personally, but I have really shaky hands when I try to do craft stuff and I just have accepted that I cannot do it. With that said, the monologue is the speech that General Hux gives to the First Order right before firing Starkiller base and killing billions of people. It was in a movie by the way, that didn’t really happen. That would be scary if it did though. Anyway, I love this speech that Hux did because of the delivery that the actor gives. It is spot on for a Bad guy speech and it is just dripping with contempt and hatred. It is my kind of speech. Regardless of my technical skill I think the type that I used for the book was really good. For the title page I used the Star Wars font. Which was easily found on Dafont. I would probably buy this font to be perfectly honest with you though. It is Star Wars after all.

I went over the font choices for the inside in a earlier post so there is no point in rehashing everything. Just read that post! Have a amazing day!

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