Monologue that is actually a monologue

Unlike my previous monologue choice, which was not actually a monologue, I am happy with the composition of this one.

Here is a link to the monologue of General Hux’s Speech from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


I would like to know what you guys think. I think the words that I emphasized were good choices and I think that the typeface that was used, Copperplate Gothic Bold, was a good choice as well. General Hux is very impassioned during this speech and I made the words that he is shouting a lot bigger and I made everything progressively bigger as he continued with his speech. This was to signify his passion. With the font choice I thought that using a font that used all caps as the base would be a good choice. Hux does not slow down in tempo or vigor throughout the speech so I think it worked well. Hopefully this translates well to the booklet portion of the project.

I am very nervous about this part. I have very shaky hands and I am not exactly comfortable using an exacto knife for this project. I watched the demo that my instructor did for this part with a continually growing sense of dread. I think I might require assistance for this part. The exacto knife is used, very lightly, to cut the fibers in the paper. This will make it easier to fold for the booklet. I understand the theory behind the process, but like I said, I am nervous with myself and a exacto knife.

It will all work out though, I am sure. I just have to trust that it will. It always has before.

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