Monologue Project Progress check… STAR WARS!

I am doing a project for Typography that really makes me happy. Any time that I get to use Star Wars in a school project I get really happy. I am assuming that most of you know what a monologue is. With that in mind I did not pick a monologue per-se. I picked a scene from the greatest movie to ever exist. That movie being Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, which is also my favorite movie.

The exact scene that I am using is one of the most iconic scene in all movies. I am of course talking about the conclusion of Darth Vader’s and Luke’s duel. I pick up right after Darth Vader makes Luke the offer to join him to destroy the Emperor.

Here is the exact script:

		I'll never join you!

		If you only knew the power of the 
		dark side.  Obi-Wan never told 
		you what happened to your father.

		He told me enough!  He told me you 
		who killed him.

		No.  I am your father.




Here is how I am translating this scene so far. Note this is a real rough draft so it doesn’t have the flair that it should.


Like I said, it is not beautiful at all, but I think going for a super dark, evil, sith-like font works very well for Vader. It adds to the emotion of the scene and I think it works well. The font that I used is called DK Plague Master. I am using the bare bones version that I downloaded at Dafont. Here is the exact URL:

I used three different fonts, which might be risky, but I think it works. The parts of dialogue for Luke are in Britannic Bold and Vader’s dialogue is just Arial Black. I thought that the sleekness that the Britannic bold has really contributes to Luke’s character, and I think the boldness and impact that arial black has contributes to Vader’s character really well.

I used the DK Plague Master on a few words in the project. Those words being Dark side, father, NO, and I. Using that font on those words add to the severity of what Vader is saying. I would have preferred to use just the Star Wars font for the whole thing, but I couldn’t find an acceptable Star Wars font.

What do you guys think of the design? Let me know in the comments!

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