Why ‘they’ insist on Causing Anxiety

It seems that everyone on this planet has someone who seems to enjoy causing them anxiety or mental pain. Note I added the ‘seems’ part. Not everyone who causes anxiety intend to and it is important to note that difference. Most people are nice I want to think, but then there is that one person who just wants to hurt you. They cut you really deep and make you feel worthless. Whether it be by words or actions they seem to know what really upsets you. They seem to do it on purpose, but not all of them do. I will keep reaffirming this point also. Not everyone is bad.

They just do not think what they say through, at all. They have a trait where they talk without thinking. The good people who do that later apologize because they know they were in the wrong and they feel bad. The ones who legitimately try to hurt you, or are just too oblivious to what your feeling never apologize. I can forgive the oblivious ones to a point, but the other ones I just try to stay away from.

I still find myself around people who don’t care though. They are toxic to be around and being around them is a horrible feeling. I, fortunately, am not around them that often. They probably will never read this, but, if they were to I want them to know something: Everything that you say has an impact and those impacts can be bad later on. Words can really hurt.

That leads me to the second part of this series. Which I will continue in another blog. Thank you for reading.

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