Shocking the Panic Out

I think that panic attacks suck. They just do. Recently, however, I have found a way that can not only limit the amount of panic attacks that I have, but a way to get rid of them entirely as they are happening. You read right, I can get rid of them as they are happening.

The method itself may not work for you, but I feel that it works great for me. What I do is tense up my whole body, from head to toe, and then I let it all go. All the tension drains out of my body and with it all the anxiety, depression, paranoia, fear, and all the other things I suffer from. It is incredible really.

A lot of years of trying has led to this. My mental willpower must be exceedingly high for me to pull this off. I mean, it’s a panic attack. They have been debilitating me for so long I have grown used to having them. It was horrible. Now, I have a way to combat them. Note that I must be alone to get rid of them and I get really tired when I do it.

I hope that this technique works for others, but it might not. I really hope this helps others though.

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