Praise the Sun! Bask in the glow! Whatever! Dark Souls! Typography!

So as I said in a earlier post,

I posted all of my ideas for the t-shirt project. I came up with the one I really want to do though and if I can pull it off it will be awesome. It will appeal to Dark Souls fans, typographers, and in general, cool people. My idea came from the thought that Baskerville’s name has the word bask in it. So why not run with that? Then I thought about the Dark Souls thing about “Praising the Sun!” and I got it! Have the words “Bask in the glow” on the front with two groupings of words underneath in a boring font. Like times or maybe even go comic sans. Yeah I would go there. Then on the back have a illustration of the sun. This part will suck because I have to draw, but anyway, have the sun and then the text underneath transformed into the Baskerville font! The text in question will be the title of two books that Baskerville translated in the 1700s. The books Paradise Lost and the Aeneid. I think this will tie everything that has been brewing in my head about this real nicely.

Here is the sketch. Warning: I suck at drawing.



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