Free write about John Baskerville and Devil May Cry Apparently

John Baskerville lived during the 1700s and is known for creating the baskerville font. He translated many epics, but it best known for translating John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Virgil’s Aeneid. I have read both of these pieces multiple times and I feel that they are two of the best epics ever written. I am sad that Dante isn’t translated by John Baskerville. I think that the Divine Comedy is the best epic of the classic age. The Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso are the best series of books during that time. Even though Dante was exiled from Florence for writing the Divine Comedy. I always thought that the name ‘Divine Comedy’ was an interesting name. I probably just do not get the context. When I think of the Inferno in particular, however, I think of Devil May Cry. Mainly its two brothers in the series. Dante and Vergil. The designers of the game deliberately made the names of Dante and Vergil what they are. I think they did this to add a sophistication to the game. It really works. Those games are really hard to beat. It takes great reflexes to even play it.


Anyway, the whole reason I went to Devil May Cry is because John Baskerville translated the Aeneid and Paradise Lost. The Aeneid is iconic for its final scene and all of Paradise Lost is iconic for me. I love the whole epic. It is so well written. I don’t know for sure that Baskerville did not translate Dante. I kinda wish I could find a definitive list of everything that Baskerville ever translated. I just found said list and Baskerville did not translate The Divine Comedy. It makes me sad. I really want to, concerning the t-shirt project for my typography class, use a Dante and Virgil from Devil May Cry in the t-shirt designs.


If I could get away with it, I would use a combination of Star Wars quotes and quotes from Paradise Lost and The Aeneid. Baskerville also translated Shakespeare and the Bible so I guess I could use them. I don’t really like Shakespeare and I only read the Bible for the moral lessons it provided.I think it would be really cool to incorporate Darth Vader into my t-shirt designs. I need to figure out a way to do that. How do I connect Darth Vader to John Baskerville?

Maybe, I could use the quote, “Impressive, most impressive” from Darth Vader in Star Wars episode V. Then I could have a picture of Baskerville, wait, there is only one picture of John Baskerville. Maybe the quote, “The type is with you, young Baskerville, but your not a typographer yet.” I actually really like that! I could use the picture from Episode V of Vader looking down on Luke in the carbon freeze chamber. Then I could have a picture of maybe Dante or Vergil or maybe even both. I am just spewing ideas at this point, but I am going to do that design real quick and post it quick.

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