Mind Map for John Baskerville!? What treachery is this!?

John Baskerville again… I think I need to brainstorm about this, but not this mind map thing. I do not like that format much. I am a man of words so I will free write.

John Baskerville, I read that he translated two of my favorite classical pieces. Works by Virgil and John Milton. The Aeneid and Paradise Lost respectively I think? That makes me think of a lot of other classical works, but I wonder why Baskerville chose the Aeneid? I love the piece, but it seems peculiar that he would pick that piece. It must have been popular in the 1700s. I don’t know, but what I do know is that Baskerville font is probably my favorite font and I am really happy I got him. I would have tried to trade for him actually. I was introduced to it recently and I really enjoy the elegance and simplicity that the font has. It looks really good in old and mid English writing as well. I am pretty fluent in reading both actually, come to think of it. It was harder for me in High School, but I think my reading overdrive was triggered after reading the classic Divine Comedy by Dante.

With the shirt project for my typography class, I am thinking something incorporating the looks of classic and classy. Something dapper I think.No wigs, just something modern with a classic flair. Maybe my favorite passages from the Aeneid, Paradise Lost, Dante’s Inferno, Canterbury, and maybe a few others. I’m not sure of the titles, but I think this is what I will do for the shirt project. Have passages out of classic literature in the baskerville font. I am definitely going to do Don Quixote. Man, I love so much classic stuff! I need to trim it down to two of three. Dante and Virgil? No, Milton and Chaucer? No, I need to stick with what Baskerville translated I think. I need to brush up on the Aeneid then. I love the book, so that will not be a problem. I really want to read the Divine Comedy now though. Or play Devil May Cry, one of the two.

There we go, somewhat coherent ramblings are finished. I really like doing this so I think I will start posting more things like this. Feel free to comment your free writes! I will give you my opinion if you want!



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