Depression Strikes Back! Hmm, even Star Wars puns do not help… Depression rears its ugly head Part 4

I woke up this morning as usual. I was scared. I had a nightmare last night. (Check out the Nightmare Tally post to keep up with my nightmare count.)

This made me depressed this morning and I just couldn’t motivate myself to get going in a speedy fashion. I did get to class early, as usual, and I did not feel rushed at all. I was just depressed.

The cool thing about this is that , as I am typing, the depression is going away. I am giving it to the computer that I am typing this blog post up on. It doesn’t care. It’s a computer!

This is just proving, in real time, what a great coping skill writing is for me. That is what I am going to focus on now I think. Not the depression itself, but the coping skills I use to combat depression. I do not just use these for depression though. I use them for everything.


This guy and the galaxy he is apart of is my go to coping skill. It always helps. It may not seem that it is helping at the time, but it definitely does help in the long run.


This thing, they mighty PS4! It allows me to relax and just let time idle. I use this one mainly when I have to time to, but it is really effective as well.

I now realize, mid post, a good many of my coping skills stem from one thing: distraction. It is a wonderful tactic that really helps me forget, but I want everyone reading this to know that the next post is about coping skills that do not just distract. They are the coping skills that actually deal with the problem. Hope to see you there!

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