Visual Hierarchy, The Hierarchy of DOOM!

Well, after much editing, thought and time I think I finally finished the Visual Hierarchy. The reason I say “I think” is because I do not know if it will ever be done. I did a lot of different things with white space and negative space in this piece. I kinda flip flopped how it showed in rows.

Here is the, hopefully, finished project:


Hopefully you can see the difference. I tried something different with this one. I thought that looking at rows of black and white would be more aesthetically pleasing. I used kerning, tracking and leading in various areas. Not so much that is readily apparent, but just enough adjustment to make it look cohesive between the different fonts that I used. One font was called Birds of Paradise. This is a font that I got from Dafont. That was used for Dance, Jazz and Ballet. I used Bookman Old Style for the words: Kimmel Center, Inc. As for the rest I used Mongolian Baiti. I hope you enjoyed my piece and please leave some feedback on it. I welcome constructive criticism!

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