I, Dormammu, will burn this schoolwork to cinders.



Today for class we had to redo the Visual Hiearchy project. With some new insights on design I think I did a lot better job with it. Here is the first one again:


Not much changed here. Just used a font called renograe that I got from Dafont.

Here is part 2:


Just was able to change the widths in this one. So I basically used bold on the Kimmel Center Inc. part because it was the most important piece.

Part 3:


I was able to change the sizes here. Everything that was important was made bigger and the not so important stuff got made smaller. I kept the bold on the Kimmel Center Inc. part. Made the stroke width on the part underneath a little more intense too.

Part 4:


Leading, kerning and tracking were the big differences here.  I thought that expanding the Kimmel Center Inc. gave that part more depth.

Final Part 5:


A lot got changed here towards the top. I really like the centered feeling I get with the stuff underneath, but I wanted to make Kimmel Center Inc. really pop. So I used a type path and made a balloon looking shape and typed the Kimmel Center Inc there. I tried to figure out some stuff for the Dance, Jazz, and Ballet parts, but alas, I couldn’t. I wanted to make it meld with the balloon shape, but I couldn’t get it done. I am still learning so it will only be a matter of time until I master illustrator like I did with In Design. Adobe better watch out!

Adobe Scared.jpg

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