Schoolwork! Again!? Doom was mad, but I Mr. Sinister will do something about it!



For today’s project we had to do something called a visual hierarchy. We had to use set words so I didn’t get to do any really cool Star Wars stuff, but I think what I did is a pretty good representation of what the hierarchy is. Here part one:


Nothing special, just the text that we have to change up eventually.

Here is part 2:


This one is just changing the weight of the font. Essentially, I made the font bold.

Here is part 3:



I got to play with the size of the text and the weight. This one seems boring to me personally, what do you guys think?

Here is part 4:


Another boring one, but weight, text size, and leading and tracking were allowed for this one. The next one is much better.

Number 5:


I had complete freedom on this one. I changed quite a few things and I think I made it pop pretty well. What do you guys think I should do to make it look better? Any feedback is appreciated.

Look out for more school stuff soon and the Depression piece ends tomorrow with, “How to maintain a healthy emotional life post depression.” Hope to see you guys looking at it. It’s important stuff.

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