Unwarranted Anxiety. What I do that might help you.

I know some people get anxious about common things. Large crowds, public speaking, and so on, but what about that anxiety that you, as a person, come up with? The anxiety you create for yourself?

For example, say you think someone dislikes you. You come up with all these reasons why they dislike you and eventually you begin to believe yourself. You actually believe that the person dislikes you. When it sometimes couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sometimes that person might even love you! Who knows? This logic that you created for yourself becomes your reality eventually.

The problem with this is that it is a logical fallacy. Mainly because there usually is no supporting evidence. Lets look at the dislike you example. What if there was no evidence that the person dislikes you? What if there is no event, or conversation, or situation that would lead you to believe that the person dislikes you? Then it becomes illogical that the person dislikes you.

If there is an event that occurred that makes you think that the person dislikes you, look at the event itself. Maybe you are over exaggerating the event? This is the time to really look hard at the event. If you look back and be truthful to yourself most times you will see that there is nothing there. It may have just been the other person having a bad moment themselves as well. It is important not to judge people too harshly. They might be going through something as well.

That doesn’t excuse rudeness, however, and, if possible, you should talk to that person and make them aware of how they made you feel. It doesn’t feel good to feel bad because of what someone might have said.

I think it is important to shield yourself at all times though.Even though most people are good, nice people there are some that are not. Those are the ones to watch out for and shield yourself from when your around them. When I say shield yourself I am bringing logic back into the picture. You know who is saying the things and sometimes you know they specifically say things to hurt others. Use the idea that if that is what they have to do to feel good you shouldn’t waste your time concerning yourself with what they think.

I think it is impossible not to create your own anxiety. What I do believe, however, is that we, as humans, can control what gets to us. The mind can be a great thing, but at the same time it can be dangerous to us as well. Use your mind, but use it well.

Sorry for breaking from the depression series so early, but I feel this is something that people need to know. I will continue the depression series tomorrow with isolating behavior.


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